Learn from Startups How to Create an Epic Hero Section

One of the best ways to learn about design is to look for examples of incredible design.

Here’s a few great design ideas that you might want to implement on your site:

1. A Strong One Pager

Having a clear and concise message that converts is incredibly important. Check out how SJS – a platform for finding part time jobs, for a great example of how this can be implemented. They understand that means minimalism is in, and long and boring content is out. You really want to be pulling people to your conversion goal, which should be bright and obvious – not hidden halfway down the page.


2. Utilise video

They say a picture tells a thousand words, does that mean a video tells ten thousand? If you’re a lifestyle brand, or just want to get a complex message across quick and easy, video can be a great way to go. Take 90seconds – instantly your eyes are drawn to the video on the right, and if you’re wanting to learn how it works, this is a great starting point. Awesome stuff from 90 seconds. You can even turn your entire header into a video, like Progression Apparel, a supplier of Sea Digital have done.

90 seconds


3. Engaging & memorable

In order to get your visitors to keep reading, or digging deeper into your site, you’ll want to really grab their attention by providing them with memorable content. This can be achieved through eye catching colours and an excellent hero image. Just look at Flick Electric, a Wellington based power company. Most power companies have boring and bland web experiences, but New Zealand Vacations really differentiates themselves.



There’s heaps we can learn from other sites, we just need to do a little research, and often startups can provide us with the inspiration we need.


Tommys Rentals – rental agency wellington


If you feel like your getting stuck in your head, you’ll find your way again from exploring other organisations work.

Great design is all around us, we’ve just got to learn where to look for it. Startups are a great place to look for design inspiration. Often they’ve been deeply buried in research, so you can take their findings of what works well, and what doesn’t and apply it to your website.

Good luck implementing your hero image!

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